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and showed a willingness to criticize america's actions and all too often in the united states it starts by dictating and we don't know all of the factors involved in he had knowledge to the depth of the strains in europe -- relations when there was no reason in america could not restore the same respect in partnership america had with the muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago. in other words, we have to go back 20 or 30 years to find a moment when there was a good working partnership so obama's recognized the mistrust and how far back it dated. and in this lies the essential appeal of obama's words to his cairo audience and he recognized the historic roots of the 21st century and a place that america roll out-- and the role they played. bring in the discussion back i have spent the past 20 years of my life teaching the history of the region and i did write the book. like president obama i do believe the historic background is essential for addressing current affairs and the complex issues in the middle east others a to pay far more attention was what deals with the arabs today.
, to reform all of america. plus, a funeral director, a woman of faith, who buries the victims of violence in the inner city. >> i don't think they know it's real. they think they get back up. i remember some guy in a funeral home, like man, "get up, get out." well, they don't get up. captioning sponsored by the lilly dowment >> abernethy: welcome. i'm bob abernethy. it's good to have you with us. in the wake of the failed christmas day airplane bombing, the obama administration took new steps this week to improve airline safety. president obama ordered u.s. agencies to move faster and more accurately to prevent future terrorist attacks. he said while the vast majority of muslims reject al-qaeda, the u.s. must develop a strategy that addresses the challenges posed by lone recruits. under new t.s.a. procedures, passengers traveling from 14 nations, most of them predominantly muslim, are facing enhanced screening. many american muslim groups say while they are concned about security, they are still worried that their community is being unfairly targeted by what they call "religious profiling
. maybe we can answer. one, is there a blueprint that obama is using to transform america? two, who issue issues right? who is us that gives us our rights? the third one is coming danger. is there a coming danger? what is it, and does anybody else see it? we have a lot to cover tonight. c'mon, let's go! >> glenn: hello, america. is it just me or has anyone noticed that marxism is suddenly cool in america? for a while now, people have been wearing the chai t-shirt. i love that, brutal killer on a t-shirt. mao is everyone's famous philosopher and now stallen is someone that oliver stone can empathize with. these were all people that were ruthless, cold blooded killers. mark this down on your calendar if you will. on january 22nd, friday night, a week from this friday, you and your family will learn the true history of che, mao and stalin of who are killers of socialism and communism. what i call the new year, new show. we are going to set the record straight. you need to see it. we have someone working on the program, on this special documentary, and i walked in her office the other day and
, new direction or america risked failure in the war. every in the morning, he heads out to the battle field. he has another way. maps that shows the dangerous turn the war has taken. 2005, the yellow shows pockets of violence. and 2007, most of the country. antwooichb, more than 2,000 afghans killed or wounded. and now the surge with the pressure on general stanley mcchrystal to turn it around immediately. have you done it? have you turned the tide? >> i believe we have done it now. we are ra changed the way we operate and we are on the way to convince the afghan people we are here to protect them. >> 942 beths in afghanistan. 1,000 injuries here. general mccalfry has said that he foresees 400 to 500 casualties per month in the next few month. do americans have to brace themselves for 300 to 0 casualties a month in the months to come? >> i think americans need to understood this will be difficult. i won't predict casualty numbers. but i think it will be a difficult struggle in the months ahead. >> are those unimaginable numbers? >> i don't believe. it's a cost to the families and the
. in some will show this has been like behind in america. strangely enough today i found it rasmussen poll through september show wayne favorability ratings for various professions. small-business owners those who start their own business are ring to #1 and number two. they are doing fine but the ceo is second to last. outside the entrepreneurial circle is not seen favorably as of -- at all in america. the good news the very last category is members of congress. [laughter] what i found to be the most finding it at all our people randomly selected from the phone book to do a better job than congress. but our guest today michael medved takes away the misconception of business head on in his book, it "the 5 big lies about american business." mr. medved is a premier political commentator hosting a daily talk show that has 5 million listeners each day. also a veteran film critic and an ex liberal at one time working for the left-of-center congressman from california and talk about your unpopular profession, he also came close to being a lawyer to the yale law school with bill clinton and hillar
the government for their own benefit at the expense of america's future and its taxpayers. washington is never going to change the game until voters and consumers demand that they do so. and joining us now, joe kline, a columnist for "time" magazine, author of the 92 campaign. lanny davis, former special counsel in the white house and arianna huffington. welcome all three of you to our inaugural program. mr. kline, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> i look at this and say, oh, my goodness gracious, these people are running my country. these people are making decisions about our country in the context of a value system and a culture that clearly is oblivious to the fact that 50 or 60 years have gone by. am i being too harsh on them? >> yes i've covered like nine of these. >> i understand. >> and my dad, you know, my idea of a great politician is a guy who cheated on his wife continually, drank a pitcher of martinis every night, lied to the public. lied to the staff. and my parents voted for him four times. franklin d. roosevelt. i don't care. this stuff is interesting. it's fun. it's juicy
. it was that america was ready to elect a light skinned african- americans with no negro dialect. he apologized, and the president accepted. there are many quotes and the book. president obama reportedly asked how many times biden would say something stupid. and what did bill clinton think about canada it obama? reportedly, he told senator ted kennedy in private that a few years ago, this guy would have been getting his coffee. they told staffers to be ready for a serious extramarital affair by her husband, concerning hillary clinton. john mccain's staff was also worried. the book says they wanted palin to call him "joe" because they kept calling him "obiden." and joining us now to talk about the fallout on the comments made by harry reid, john harris. let's talk about harry reid. any long-term fallout from this? >> they are trying to push through a reform package. a big distraction. what is more, the fact that they owned up to this. everything else is an unflattering portrayal. they're saying the book has no credibility. it must have some credibility to have harry reid do this. >> congress not
. why is light versus dark still an issue? maybe the broader america doesn't understand lighter skinned black people were treated better because they were seen more proximate to the dominant white culture, given better privileges in slavery because they were produced by unions between white men and black women. there is a huge tension in the broader society. lighter skinned blacks are seen tore liked by whites. negro dialect, what does that mean? jesse jackson is one of the most eloquent men we know, so is al sharpton. they all ran for president of the united states of america. joe biden made the same comments. mr. obama needs to step up to the bully pulpit and not be loathe to deal with the issue of race and say this is a teachable moment. yes, we can can accept the apology of mr. reid. let's deal with light skinned versus dark skinned and teach america about some of these more vicious issues. otherwise they do look like hypocrites in my book. >> i heard so many people over the weekend say they were surprised by this but you cover the election, as did i. there were people who did not u
vacuums sold in america, david oreck has been earning your confidence for nearly 50 years. call now and try the new oreck platinum pilot risk free for 30 days. keep it and get an incredible 10-year warranty plus no interest ever! that's right-ever. but you must order now! the new oreck platinum pilot. clean made easy! channel. >>> terrorists say they are striking fear in our economy. the alleged underwear bomber may be declares his innocence in a court but jihadist websites declaring what abdulmutallab did was instill fear in americans. a significant accomplishment, increased fear of flying can cripple the airlines and cause economic problems. toby says they are crazy, americans and america's economy is not stricken with fear. >> hell no. the thing they underestimate the most is americans we may squabble on television, but when it comes to this, this is the most uniting thing that happens in america. in fact, it probably helps the economy, it will. i guaranty we are going to spend more money to find these bastards and kill 'em so bring it on. >> in the short term after 9/11 there we
>>> making >>> making news in america this morning. the explosive new political book that shines new light into the darkest corners of the 2008 presidential campaign. it's hard to tell who is on whose team. >>> and deep freeze has farmers in the deep south worried about their crops you could may the price for it. >>> and offensive outburst. packers and cardinals. monday july 11th, 2010. >>> good morning, i'm eric horng in for jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. well, a new book is changing the game in washington as this week begins. >> instead of talking about terrorism or health care, political circles are buzzing about a number of bombshells from the 2008 presidential campaign. >> reporter: the most shocking revelation in game change is forcing harry reid to play damage control. reid was quoted as saying america was ready to, quote, have a light-skinned african. reid apologized over the weekend, and president obama accepted. >> there is the standard where democrats feel they can say these things and they can apologize when it comes from the mouths of their own, but if it co
't fly to airports with lax security. what about america's airports? >> what are you doing? >> why our own policies could be slowing done the economy and making us less safe. plus, lawyers to the rescue. >> i got you a good case a moneymaker. >> why lawyers could now be the only roadblock to a version of health care reform that will boost your taxes and maybe bankrupt america. >> all that and another crash for housing worst than the first one. the dire prediction for housing this winter. he says there's a way out and you won't hear it anywhere but on this show. your money, your life, your show. to stay head of the game, cash shin in starts right now. >> the bottom line is the university is government has sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. but our intelligence community failed to connect those dots. >> the president admitting his administration failed to connect the do thes to stop the christmas day bomb plot. now does he need to admit he's not connecting the dots on the best way to create jobs by cutting taxes. welcome t
barack obama, and what the president is doing about it. >>> "the fleecing of america" our popular series is back on the air by popular demand. >>> making a difference for thousands of people who just need clothes. why hasn't this idea been around longer? >>> also, richard nixon on modern art and his hatred of a new york landmark opinion captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> we probably can't say what we'd like to say about mark mcgwire. for those of us who were raising young baseball fans and young baseball players who looked up to mark mcgwire, that summer of '98 was magical stuff as he and sammy sosa vied back and forth. he didn't tell the truth to congress or his fans until finally formally coming clean today. he's been unable to get into the hall of fame, and even for him, the shame was too much. we start off tonight with ann thompson. >> reporter: looking back, the admission seems inevitable. slugger mark mcgwire with his larger than life arms in the '90s. >> this is a season i will never forget. >> sending baseball soaring for the days of the st. louis cardinals. many h
but apparently happening more and more here in america according to clergy, especially in southern california. these underground first communions and baptisms are happening in parks, hotel banquet halls and backyards. authorities say the priests are coming in from mexico and trying to raise money for their own parishes. >> sacraments are not to be sold. they're not to be bought by people. they're to be understood as gifts of god. and clergy who charge people for niece things distort the very meaning what it is for god to be a gift giving creature. >> reporter: father figueroa of the diocese is one of the accused. some clergy here in los angeles even sending memos to their own parishioners warning what he may be up to and trying to do here in america but father figueroa is widely popular in his own country of mexico. his own parish rolls right around 8,000 people. figueroa says he's only trying to minister to the community in the best way he knows how and doesn't believe he's done anything wrong. still no word if he will face official sanctions from the roman catholic church or his bishop. in
political parties facilitate that folly. in the america that i grew up in we didn't have too big to fail, we had the creative destruction of capitalism. we didn't keep weak companies, artificially alive. we let them go so that more dynamic companies with smarter business models and better goods and services could take their place, giving all of us a higher standard of living. we let the market and the consumer decide. we didn't force people to buy he understan understan understands-- edsels, if we had to we could live without chrysler and general motors, in the era i lived in, you got a mortgage because were you qualified not because you had a pulse. i wonder how america looks to our young people out of college or graduate school and many are forced to take jobs that don't require a college degree let alone a law degree or mba and many of them are up to their eyeballs with private debt while the government saddles them with public debt that will burd den them. we sacrificed for the next generation not stolen from them. instead of generational theft we need generational thrift. some young peo
, reverend sharpton, have you a majority leader, one of the most powerful people in america, going around using the term "negro dialect?" >> it's a concern, but whether or not it is enough to ask him to step aside given his record and the fact that he was saying why he felt his candidate can win. i might add, joe, we did not bring up trent lot, the republicans did. the republican chairman said we were raising a double standard. we did not use on senator reid what we used on senator lott. we didn't bring up lott. i don't know anyone who would have made that outrageous comparison. >> reverend, did you read what harry reid's reaction to trent lott's comments were? not to get too deep in the weeds here, but it doesn't help back up the point that there really can't be a parallel here. because obviously trent lott made the comments about strom thurmond that led to his demise and harry reid had a reaction to those comments and i'd like if we could put them up on the screen. he basically said he wouldn't do something like that, and that's how you play. in 2000, then senator-obama suggested -- >>
: the fail >>> terrorist attack on northwest airlines flight reminded america soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. it proved that despite the sweeping changes made after september 11th to the u.s. made after 9/11 to the u.s. intelligence community and airline security, serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how the president plans to address potentially deadly vulnerabilities. >> we are at war. we are at war al-qaeda. a far reaching network of violence and hatred that attacked us on 9/11, that killed nearly 3,000 innocent people than is plotting to strike again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> sean: all of that reads well off a teleprompter but will words translate into action? when the president laid out his plan yesterday, he did not fire anybody. he didn't call for new agency or reorganization. he didn't offer up any new legislation. he didn't announce any military action nor did he signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy. that same official believes the president is making changes to an -- to a system
>>> good morning, america. on this monday, january 11th, i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, political bombshell. will the senate's top democrat resign after controversial comments about barack obama's skin color. republicans say he's being saved by the double standard. >>> frozen florida. more record-breaking temperatures across the south. to say the least, it was a chilly weekend for many. >>> gate crasher. it's third party crasher. did this man sneak in, too? he tells this story live. >>> the search for baby gabriel. the mother of the 8-month-old now charged with kidnapping and child abuse. still, no sign of her precious little boy. >>> and it's official. nbc pulls the plug on jay leno in prime time. the big question, is it quitting time for conan? >>> and we hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. no doubt, had you to bundle up. we'll talk about that coming up. but so much to get to, including news this monk about the book sending shock waves through washington. >> and it's not just the revelations about the democratic leader harry reid. there
more of the bailout money they received. meanwhile, new york's attorney general called on america's biggest banks today to reveal exactly how much they intend to pay out in bonuses this year? national correspondent jim axelrod found out and the answer is "plenty." >> reporter: less than a year ago, wall street's titans were before congress taking the blame for the financial crisis. >> as an industry, clearly we made mistakes. >> reporter: now after a year of record profits, some are preparing to handout record bonuses. goldman sachs an average bonus of almost $600,000. j.p. morgan chase $463,000, this at a time when one in ten american workers is unemployed. >> there are folks that just continue not to get it. >> reporter: the nation's six biggest banks are expecting to pay out somewhere near $150 billion in bonus this is year. if that were a stack of $100 bills, the pile would be as high as 370 empire state buildings. >> 2010 we're seeing the same bonuses return and with some modest refinements it's going to produce the same incentive to take on higher risk. >> reporter: many ban
in a series of hearings. the heads of j.p. morgan chase, bank of america and goldman sax are testifying on wednesday and thursday. this week's hearings come as the big banks give out huge bonuses. the new york times reports this could be one of the largest and most controversial bonus seasons in history. goldman sax is expected to pay an average bonus of $595,000 each. one of the biggest payouts ever. >>> a study of all the recent spending on road and bridge construction found it had no affect on unemployment. the associated press study found you can employment rates rose and fell regardless of how much stimulus money was used for transportation. the result of the study comes as president obama is calling for another stimulus bill which relies in part on more road and bridge spending. >>> today leaders in the house and senate will meet to try to hammer out a compromise health care reform bill. the house version may wind up as a casualty of compromise. the president is scheduled to meet with leaders to stop attacks on high end insurance plans. >>> today human rights activists will gather
campaign that america was ready to elect a light-skinned candidates with no need for a dialect unless he wanted one. -- no need for a dialogue. >> what it means to be a minority in america. >> that was an ignorant comment. apologizing to not only obama but the entire black community. >> he apologized to the president, and the president said he accepted that apology, but someone harry reid to step down the democrats are standing behind him -- but some want harry reid to step down. michael steele has faced criticism of his performance and controversy about his recent book. the book takes stock of the gop and accuses republican leaders of abandoning the conservative principles. they say if they are unhappy with him, they should ever fire him or stop. >>> carjackers struck many times since october. jay korff joins us live with many details. jay? >> well, this rash of carjackings has a lot of people in this neighborhood on the edge tonight, and we did speak with one victim, who said old- fashioned police work has her more at ease. victorious survived a horrifying scenario. from october to dec
exclusively on "good morning america" claiming that he did nothing wrong. >> i got my invite in the mail. >> do you havprooof that? >> i have the actual invite. >> you have the actual invite? >> and this is a copy of the invitation? rex allen says it did not, in fact, have his name on it. -- >> balance as it did his noat was the only thing that he received in the mail. at the table where he sat, he did not have a place card. matt brock has the latest fallout from some controversy 0 comments senate majority leader -- and controversial comments senate majority leader harry reid made about then candidate barack obama. >> he said "i've known him for years. i've seen his passion for issues on social justice and i know what is in his heart." with that, senators wish to close the book on senator harry reid's racially charged comments. the comments come from the book "kaine change." he is quoted as saying "america is ready to elect a white skinned african-ericans -- a light skinned african-american. republicans say the statement is at best insensitive. they say reid is taking advantage of a doub
profits and socializing debts. i watched both political parties facilitate this folly. in the america i grew up in, we didn't have two big too fail. we had creative destruction of capitalism. we didn't keep weak companies artificially alive we let them go so more dynamic companies could take their place. giving all of us a higher standard of living letting the market and consumers decide. didn't force people to drink new coke they didn't want. we live today without pack yard and hudson and american motors and if we had to, we can live without chrysler and general motors. in the america i grew up, you've got a mortgage because you're qualified not because you had a pulse. i worry about how america looks to young people just out of college, many forced to take jobs that don't require a college degree let alone a law degree or mba. many of them up to their eye balls in private debt watching their government saddling them with public debt that is going burden them for their lives. we've sacrificed for next generation not stolen from them. instead of generational theft we need generational t
. and the reality of it is racism, and racist conversations have no place today in america. this term, this you know, like he's going to pass, for example, for white america because he's you know, got this negro die alikt, that's language that harkens back to the 1950s and 60s and confirms to me a mind-set out of step with where america is. but i can assure you if i had as national chairman said that well, it's all behind us and he's apologized let's move on, no one would be accepting that. there has to be a consequence here if the standard is the one that was set in 2002 with trent lott. >> is the consequence that senator reid should step down? >> i believe it is. whether he steps down today or i retire him in november either way he will not be the leader in 2011. >> governor kaine. >> well, first, the senator said i mean, chairman steel said earlier that the republicans were not going to win it back so leader reid is going to be the leader. anybody looking at trent lott's statements praising somebody who had been a pro segregation candidate for president will see that there is no comparison betwee
deal from three realtors across america. you are in the "cnn newsroom"s. >>> the beautiful >>> here is what we know. a hard freeze watch has been in effect overnight fofrt northern part of florida, and some citrus groves in that area already received substantial damage. five deaths, two in georgia and three in vermont are being blamed on accidents on partially p frozen water. let's go to rob marciano. how much longer will we see the cold sticking around? >> we had the reinforcing shot last weekend. there is so much of the nation that has snow cover. over 50% of the nation. we have a cool front heading towards pittsburgh. the air behind this is not terribly cold. that's good news here. we are looking at temperatures around 20 degrees in chicago. 25 warming up. and now places are still in the lower 20s as well. not a huge difference as far as what we are seeing behind the front and ahead of the front. i think we tapped the arctic out, at least for now. breezy conditions will be the case behind this thing, and temperatures will be moderating at times. right now, though, it's 31 degrees
to the outstanding staff and crew. enjoy your sunday. >> he is now the new co anger of abc's "good morning america." no replacement will be named right away. substitutes will be filling in. >>> 5:11, 22 degrees. >> coming up, the man behind the so called balloon-boy hoax still says he is not guilty. >> moms living on capitol hill. you could be >>> in our top stories, the cold weather continues its grip on the south. florida it is dealing with record-breaking temperatures. there is a freeze watched through tomorrow. it will get warmer here home later this week. >> some republicans are calling for harry reid to step down over comments he made when barack obama was running for president. a new book says he called obama a light-skinned african- americans. reid has now apologized. >> richard heene reports to jail today. your repo a judge sentenced him to 90 days behind bars. his wife will serve 20 days behind bars. >>> police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a string of carjackings. there have been a dozen armed carjackings since september. cathy lanier says many of these cases, mother
the securities and exchange commission, and its ongoing legal dispute with bank of america. basically, now the s.e.c. is asking to add new charges to the lawsuit dispute with the bank of america regarding merrill lynch's extraordinary losses, not being disclosed in time before the shareholders to act on the vote of the takeover. last august the s.e.c. sued bank of america per not disclosing to shareholder voting on the takeover that it intended to pay more than $3 billion in bonuses to merrill lynch employees. that they had a settlement, it was thrown out. a new trial is scheduled to begin on march 1st. bank of america, in a response to this latest request by the s.e.c., calls it an 11th-hour move, and says it will hinder its ability to prepare a defense in time for that march 1st trial. maria. >> all right, hampton, thanks very much for the angle on that. >>> meanwhile, we've got breaking news today and we will have it for the next several weeks in terms of earnings news coming out, alcoa kicking off the earnings period for the fourth quarter after the close tonight. we're waiting on that repor
is something we just have to live with? why don't we make anything in america anymore? and why is it so hard to pass a health-care bill that guarantees americans held the lives instead of guaranteeing insurance companies healthy product -- profits? as i travel from city to city, i heard a sense of resignation from middle-class americans. people laid off for the first time in their lives asking, what did i do wrong? i came away shaken by the sense that the very things that make america great are now in danger. what makes us unique among nations is that in america, working people are the middle class. we built our middle-class in the 20th-century through hard work, through struggle, and visionary political leadership. but a generation of destruction economic policies has eroded that progress and now threatens our very identity as a nation. today on every coast and in between, working women and working man are joining the middle class and to protect and rebuilding it. we pray for political leadership ready to fight for the kind of america we want to lead to our children. and again, the forces o
against bank of america as the two plan to go to trial on march 1st over bank of america bonuses. s.e.c. says basically, you know what, bank of america should have revealed the merrill loss es. to bank of america before that deal was finalized. bank of america not impacted with that news. finishing with a gain of just over 1%. highlighting campaign manager comments coming out of the jpmorgan health care conference. coming from the ceo jamie dimon. a number of things, including compensation on wall street, that -- saying that there is no question the compensation was excessive and exacerbated. mr. dimond also said no company is too big to fail and of course need a major overhaul of the financial regulatory system. something that he's been saying for quite some time. we're watching jpmorgan because it reports its earnings on friday as well. >> thanks very much, mary thompson. break down the trading action that we've been seeing in this session. joining me with a look of what is another business day is executive vice president and chief investment officer with harris private bank. alon
in the new book "game change," a book about the campaign. he apparently said that america was ready to elect a "light- skinned" african-american "with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one percocet that has left republicans calling for reid to step down. democrats have said he has apologized and it is time to get on with work. >> he has been accepted the apology and we're moving on. >> republican said there is a double standard. if he were a republican and said that, he would be forced to step down. democrats say he has a long record on civil rights issues and perhaps this was clumsy but it does not say who this man is. it does come at an inopportune time as the work on this health care bill together. the president said the book is closed on this issue after the apology. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> 6:07. the national zoo prepares to say goodbye to one panda cub, but they could be welcoming another. mei xiang was in disseminated over the weekend. zoo officials say it could be months before they know whether the insemination was successful. tai shan is expected to leave f
of "the white house -- america's most famous home." and explore the history, art, and architecture of "the capitol," one of america's most symbolic structures. "american icons" -- a three- disc dvd set. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order online at c- >> as negotiations continue on a compromise on health care, have lawmakers made progress? >> there is a stage right now where they are working out the small things. the house has been meeting pretty extensively over the forum -- over the phone with their entire caucus. top senators like max baucus and chris dodd and harry reid had been meeting on their own as well. they are still trying to figure out exactly what the biggest issues are and how they're going to begin to resolve them. this is step one of a several- stage negotiating process. i think they really are trying to get this done very quickly. what they're going to have to tell the caucuses in each house. >> have they said which version of the bill they are going to work with? >> the house is going to take up the senate bill perhaps an insert that -- and inse
authorities and the attorney general at the time made a decision that the united states of america will look for dr. joseph mangling and they will check if the ever enter the united states and a historical investigation will be determined that mengele was arrested was true. that third investigation was actually given to the o isi and at the research of israel i was part of that investigation and one of the key elements was to try and find a true survivor of auschwitz by the name of david five men. apparently he worked in the laboratory and survived the war and he was the source of the information that benjamin had given to his superiors in the sea i see. they asked me to try to find him. a friend suggested that i take a look at the international tracing service. i don't know how many of you know, what that is but after the board therein billions of request to the red cross of people who lived in europe during the war. today would be called a data base but in those days was a massive index of cards or files with over 16 million index cards with the names and biographical information of peopl
with fios. but you've got to call today. get jaw-dropping fios tv, america's highest rated internet, and unlimited nationwide calling for just $99.99 a month. plus a special double bonus: $150 back plus a free multi-room dvr for 3 months. don't wait. offer ends january 16th. call 1.866.699.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. this is fios. this is big. >>> welcome back. these flowers are gorgeous. we get a new bouquet every monday. >>> flowers to football. yesterday hundreds of ravens fans got a chance to witness history in person. the ravens have never beaten new england and this is the first time the patriots have lost a playoff home game in 32 years. they were on hand for what was a great day south of boston. >> barely 20 degrees out. barely 20 seconds town the game and who ordered the rice? second longest playoff run in history. >> get on the plane and legislation go. >> we had to be here to see this in person. >> no way i'm missing this one. >> we just got in. staying 30 minutes down the road. traffic is treble here. >> the ravens
. >> sean: the failed terror >> the failed terror attack on northwest airlines reminded america soaring rhetoric and words are not enough to keep this country safe. it also proved despite the sweeping changes made after 9-11 to the u.s. intelligence committee and airline security serious flaws still exist. yesterday afternoon many americans paused to hear how president obama plans to address the potentially deadly vulnerabilities. here's part of what he has to say. >> we are at war. we are at war against al qaeda a far reaching network of violence that attacked us on 9-11 killed nearly 3,000 people and is plotting to strike us again. we will do whatever it takes to defeat them. >> all of that read well off a teleprompter but will his words translate into action. poll litico. com points out whee laid out his plan yesterday he didn't fire anybody or didn't call for reorganization or offer up any new legislation or announce any military action another did he signal a shift in policy. the president is making changes to a system that he doesn't necessarily find broken. so as -- has t
is your soul doing all during this? this is about america, too, not just the world in south africa. >> well, you know, there was a belief factor very strong there. i think he was right in his approach to that situation. and all the situations like that. we have to -- if we know we have to live together, then we should be making positive moves in that direction all the time. >> and what's the role of leaders in all this? >> well, i think everybody should go see the movie and take a little lesson here. >> let me ask you about an american. i know from talking to clint eastwood last summer, it was your idea, he directed the film, but it was your idea as an american to go over to south africa, which has had a tremendous racial history with white extreme si all those years, and as an american go over there with your background and the american south where you live, and chosen to live, what do we have to contribute as americans on the racial front worldwide? have we learned a lesson that the world could benefit from, even in our difficult path through race relations through all these cent
veteran senate democrats decide against running again. america's election headquarters looks at the 2010 state of play with a two party chairman. democrats tim kaine and republican michael steele. >>> then, the president vows to fix the problems that allowed a would-be bomber onboard a u.s. airliner. >> i have a solemn responsibility to protect our nation and our people. >> chris: will his reforms keep the country safe? we'll ask jon kyl, the number two republican in the senate and jack reid, a senior democrat on the armed services committee. plus, we will ask our sunday regulars about the white house effort to shift of the focus from terror and healthcare to jobs and the economy. and our power player of the week. we will look back at a good guy sports star before things went bad. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. well, a little more than a week in into 2010 and election politics in full swing. on saturday, senate majority leader harry reid apologized to president obama for remarks ed made during the last campaign. three top democrats announ
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that supported apartheid in this country. and how you compare saying, i supported apartheid in america and i would think that it would have been better had he run for president, would a man saying some things that he could have chosen to say better is an insult and i think it would backfire on the right wing. a lot of people that on saturday night like me that were uncomfortable with what senator reid said that we know he's benefit of a doubt, it's out right outrage. >> this book that is out, game change, it's gotten pretty electric comments in t. different things about the campaign that took place in 2008. one of them revolves around became clinton and after the iowa caucus. the day after iowa, they write, clinton phoned ted kennedy and pressed for an endorsement making the case to a friend teddy fumed that clinton had said a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee. i think we have to take this and match this up with the story that he what do you make of this? and if this is true, this has nothing do with with racism. they are not fighting racism and bigotry. so they can st
north america auto show it begins today. they have undergone a facelift of their own. this year pontiac and saturn have disappeared. gm and chrysler have gone through bailouts. no longer is there a big three in the auto industry. some now call it the medium six. >> in many respects americans feel that toyota and honda and nissan are as american as general motors and chrysler and ford. at ford sales rose versus a year ago, and at this detroit dealership they just want a better year. we will see how it goes. >>> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful. >>> yesterday miami had a record low broke one set back in 1970. this morning a brand new record at 36 it brokes the record set back in 1927. so, we are sitting on cold, that they have not seen in 83 years in southern florida. 33 west palm, 26 in tampa and below freezing from orlando up through daytona beach. back home ranging from 19 here in town, to 9 in pittsburg, that's the core of the cold air, the cloud is rolling in and snow shower, it will try to reach up typically from this particular,
for the automobile market in america. the preview from the auto show in that. >>> also this morning we've been following the case of a missing eight month old baby, gabriel johnson. his mother is in jail. she shez is he gave him away for adoption. this morning you will meet a couple who applies are calling persons of interest. do they know where baby it gabriel is. >>> but first this morning, republicans calling on senate majority leader harry reid to resign after questionable comments reid made about president obama were disclosed in a bombshell new cordes has t latest.remember the that's right, republican leaders argue there's a double standard going on here, that if any of them had uttered the racial mark now attributed to harry reid, democrats would be calling for their heads. the book quotes senate majority leader harry reid assaying in 2008 that then senator obama had a real shot at the white house because he was a light-skinned african-american, quote, with no knee droe dialect unless he wanted to have one. of a territory quote was made public saturday, leader reid pop guised to a numbe
to promong fiscal responsibility and addressin key economic challens facing america's future. and addition funding is provided by e following supporters -- >>> good ening. welcome toworldfocus." i'm daljit dhaliwal in nework. for more than o weeks, the ited states has been focused on the terro threat fr yemen following t christmas day bombing aempt on a.s. tliner. but tonight, the war in afghanisn is back a the centerf the news,nd the news isot good. six no troops including three americans were killed today. making it the deadliest day for the exnding iernational force intwo months. a u.s. military spokesman said that the amecans died durng the patl in sohern afghanista as the u. troop sge ntinues in afghistan, the top american commander says he believes t larger force is tuing the tide again the taliban. buafghanistan is also becoming ineasinglydeadly. today'losses brought to a least te the number of.s. trps killed theresoar this year. anverage of almost one service memb each day. for more about t situation in afghanistan,e are joined once again tonight by the noted nationalecurity analys
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